Hello, and welcome to my November blog, how is everyone? hope you are all good.

What a month it as been so far, fun fun fun and hectic month, attended a few class forums and getting information from you folks about issues good and bad within college. Any issues in regards to class sizes, transport, canteen, social space (lack of) as been brought to the attention of CMT and we await the outcome, will keep you updated.

DEMO 2012.
NUS called for a national DEMO in regards to tutions fees and the scarpping of EMA (England) and the chance we may lose it as of 2016. this is unfair and wrong. So we teamed up with Bridgend College and went to show our support with the rest of the UK. What a wicked day, hope i get the chance to attend another protest while i am still your SU President.

White Ribbon Day

Staff and students at City of Newport Campus took a stand against domestic violence today by raising money for the White Ribbon campaign. The Students Union organised teams into 3 'human white ribbons' to raise awareness for the campaign and have raised over £130 so far.

In BGLZ they have a diary room were people could come and answered a set of questions about domestic abuse, was a great idea and fantastic turn out, even if it was extremely hot :). Well done to everyone who took part and helped support and raise money.
Did you make your pledge? I pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about domestic abuse? if no then link below, please support and make your pledge now, it is never to late.

Had a few NUS training events this month, myself and other CGSU officers attended, fantastic time and extremely proud of all our officers, they done great job in supporting and promoting us.

I will be posting monthly on here so please look out for my next post just before we break for half term.

Stay safe and have fun


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